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Den toppede høne fra Vendsyssel ( The beheaded hen from Vendsyssel )

Lineup: To rows boys to the right, girls to the left seen from the front
(The front is usually shere the music is standing)
Steps: runnning steps, walking steps and swing steps
Takt titelTourRepititionDescription
Zig-zag 11 the first pair: The boy runs in front of 2. boy and thereafter bhind the 3rd boy in front of 4th boy and behind the 5th boy.
Thus advancing 4 boys in the row. If a boy is comming to the end of the row, he will run around imaginary boys in the continuation of the row.
On the way back he runs behind the 4th boy and ind front of the third boy and behind the second boy, then ending on his own place.
The girl does the same in the row of girls.
Tottaly 32 running steps.
Kryds over 12 1st pair: The boy and the girl crosses left, passing each other, and the boy walks on the outside along the girlsrow,
The Girl does the same outside the boys row.
They turn in between third and fourth pair.
(12 walking steps)
The pair that now has met betwen pair 2 and pair three take normal position and danse around with 8 swing steps.
Mølle 13 First and second pair klaps 3 times in their hands and form a right hand star and walks clockwise with 16 walking steps.
When the music repeats everyboyd claps their hands 3 times and makes a left hand star and walks round with the sun 16 walking steps.
About the Video
Frøbel 2011

Kristian Bugge, Peter Eget og Christopher Davis Maack plays at Frederiksbergs Folkemusikhus
januar 2011
video: oleviolin