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Vals ( Walz )

This description is the so called Tyrol walz, where you start holding hand for 4 bars, whereafter you dance around for 4 bars.
Takt titelMeasureBeatDescription
Udgangspunkt 10 One step from each other. Mands left girls to the right
Fra hinanden 11 It is important that you really move the wieght on each step
Inderben 12 YOu now move the weight over on the inner leg (Boys right, girls left)
Ydderben 13 Move the weight back
Indad 22 Move the wight to the inner leg (move a litle bit forward, allowing dancers dancing the normal dance not to bump into you from behind)
Ydertå 23 Back to the towe of the outer leg
Udgangspunkt 23 Back to the origin put the weight on the outer leg
Et 31 Repeat
to 32 Remeber to move the weight from the toe to the innerfoot
tre 33 Move the weight onto the outer foot (mans left, lady right)
en 41 Frem på inderfoden
en 42 Tåen af ydderfoden
en 42 Now you dance two turns around with the same type of steps.

Boy: Left-rigth-left

Girl : Right-left-right

And then start over again
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