Practice every Wednesday

We paractice every Wednesday kl. 7.30 PM close to the Vanløse metro station (except for the month month of July),

Effektive practice starts at 8 PM

It is a good idea to check our repertoire lists  Where you can hear/practic what we are playing. (Explanation: Ramslag is at Metronomen Frederiksberg, while Udespil, are all other concerts)

The repertoire list for the next repertoire appears on the front page.

First wednesday after Ramslag, there is no repertoire, everybody is suggesting a number, by listening to what we have played you have a clue what people mostly are sugesting. You can also bring an IPad, although we prefer playing the music by heart, during exercise section you find many of us using our sheet music collection.

We start at 7.30 PM were we go through the some melodies in slow tempo
At kl. 8 PM, we start practicing on our regular repertoire, that you can see on the repertoire list.

Vanløse station is one of the end stations in the Copenhagen Metro, there are also local trains passing Vanløse station.

Wehen you enter the Kulturstation go upstairs (use the button to open the doors)

The doors may be loocked at 21.00 Hrs, However if you have a Danish Social security card, you can apply for a permit in the library (in daytime), and you may open the doors later than 21.00 hours . Anyway it is a good idea to be on time, which is before 20.00 hrs (8 PM) Wednesday evening

Every 2nd Fridy of the month (September through May) we play at a dance concert 8 PM at the Metronomen at Frederiksberg. (See our calendar on the front page, for events)

Kulturstationen Vanløseis just oposite the Vanløse Metro station (Large map link), Busses Line 9A, 10, 13, 22, 31, 142.

Indgang til spillefolks øvelokaler


There is since autumn 2019 a new entrance to the Cultural station (Kulturstationen) in Vanløse.

Click on the button to open the door..(2019 there is a new door that opens automatically from the front)


You hear us playing as you walk down the corridor.

The practice room may change from time to time.

We use to put a towel on the door, so you can get in to the room.

Sometimes we are announced on the TV screen. (Mostly not)








Also check our Video-page  from our appearances (Folkets Hus Spillefolk)