Storage of IP addresses

Statistics and playing together

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We save your IP address together with the music sheet you have played. The statistics is automatically deleted from the database after 30 days.

This is used for

  • To show you your latest sheet music
  • Playing together
  • Making a country based statistic of what has been played for the last month

Playing together

When playing togeher where those, who can read music (and don’t know the music played by heart) each have an IPad, mobilphone or computer connected to the same WIFI. You all will share the same IP address. There is a list to the right of the music sheet showing the last 10 musical sheets played (together with a on-enter updated context search). You can use this feature to easily get everybody to look at the same page.

The small list of 10 last played is shown to the right of the sheet at visnode.php just above on page the search function. The tick box “Gå til node ved skift” may be used for automatically go to the lastest note if somebody in the group is going to a new music sheet. (Using this feature require a little diszipline in the group, don’t look at a piece of music before everybody agrees, that this is what we now are going to play together)


Making new calendar item, and creating of subscription lists

Anybody can make anouncements in our calendar functions, we save your IP address when making the anouncement, this allows you to later update it from the same IP.

When subscribing to a list of events, you store your IP, so you can edit your subscriptions

These storages of IP addresses are not deleted.