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Rakes of Mallow (Hornpipe / Reel) (IRL)

The Rakes of Mallow is a traditional Irish song and polka. The song is about the rakes from the town of Mallow, a town in County Cork. The song was written about the Creagh family who came from Doneraile, seven miles away.
It was first written down in Scotland during the 1780s. The song is also used as a fight song for Notre Dame Fighting Irish fans. A version of the song was arranged by Leroy Anderson, and the song was also featured for fight scenes in the films The Quiet Man (1952) and “1941” (1979), as well as for a montage sequence in the 1993 film set at the aforementioned University of Notre Dame.

Node fra Folkets Hus Spillefolk: (Filnavn: xx-rakes, Lavet 26/6-2015 og sidst revideret 26/6-2015)

Uploadet: KSU
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