Player Manual

The FHPlayeren plays music in a loop and slow

When you are learning to play a melody it is a good idea to start by playing slow.
Learning small pieces at a time is also a good idea.With the FHPlayer you can.


Play music slow and  in a loop



Starting and stopping the player

The player is started and stopped by clicking on either the FHPlayer link or one of the MP3 links for real recordings.

Polskafied music

For Polska: Click on the "FHPlayer (even)" or the "Polskafied" links. The Polskafied is Polskafied by the Polskaficator. That is the rythm is mathematically changed. where the 1.2., and 3. are moved mathematically. (Look further down the page for the polskafikator It does not sound like a "real" polska though, then you have to go for the reocrdings, or the YouTube videos. - But it is a nice try - we think at least).

Since most smartpads cannot play the music from the synth, nor can they play the midi-files anymore we have recorded all the midi files to mp3 files.

However you may switch to the synth, by choosing another instrument (and then piano back again.) You recon that you are using the synth, by the litle spinning wheal in the start.
If you are the lucky user of an Old Internet Explorer browser, you can still play the midi files directly (sounds a litle better and are a lot more precise.

We however urge you to use the recoreded music wherever you can find it.

Close the window

You may close the player either by:


You may pause the player on the || -button which will then change to a => button where you can start playing again

Keyboard P makes the same function and may be more practical if you are standing there with a violin in one hand and a bow in the other :-)

Keyboard S coresponds to the |<< (start or restart) button.

Click on the slider above those two buttons and you may skip to anywhere within the melody.

Playing in a loop

Use the A button for starting the loop and the B button for setting the loop point.

Make the A / B Loop for the player

Example 1: Here is an example where the second part first line is repeated at 60% speed
in the swedish Polska Kalla Kårar (The example starts up a litle before the B-point)

Expand the loop with the B=> button

Use the B=> button to keep the A-point but remove the B, point when you want to learn a litle more about the melody.

Expanding the A/B player loop


Click on the Play whole Play whole button

Click on the Play whole play whole melody button to remove the A/B setting. and play the whole melody.

Tip: If you want to play the whole melody in a "endless loop", over and over again: but a B-point close to the ending.

Example 2: Here the above range is extended to the full last repitition .




The Fine tuning slider can adjust either the A or the B point use the buttons =>A or =>B (go to A and go few seconds before B) to toggle.

Depending on where you click on the slider the fine tuning will adjust a number of seconds later or before.

Slow down music playing

It is often easier to learn a melody when it is played slower.
Adjust the percentage of normal speed that you want to play the meldy.

Slow down

You can use the keyboard, the slider, or click on the numbers on the player.

Keybord shortcuts:
                                           5,       6 ,       7,      8,      9,       1,          3,        2           
 puts the speed to:
                                          50%, 60%, 70%, 80%, 90%,100%, 150%, 200%
of normal speed respectively

+ (plus) and - (minus) keys will adjust the speed by 10% of normal speed.

The synthesizer can be adjusted town to 10% speed, while when playing an mp3-file the lower limit is 50% corresponding to half speed.
Furthermore you can click to adjust the speed in -5% steps and +1% steps.
(This assymetrical adjustment possibillity is intentional for fast selection of the speed you want)

(Did you know that our YouTube videos, can be played slower too, but only at half speed, and that there is an A/B function built into our YouTube player as well.)

Please note that the some tablets and smartphones cannot adjust speed due to the "gracefully degrading" properties of the HTML5 player.
This gracefully degrading means that instead of not working properly (by for example crashing the browser, or hicking its way through) the function turns itself off completely.
Example 3. : Bar 5, og 6 in 2nd repetiton in 50% tempo



Changing instrument

Changing instruments in the synthesizer

With the FHPlayer you can change instruments. If you are using MSIE (Microsoft Internet Explorer), the midi file is played and changed accordingly.

The other browsers are using our special sound-font synthesizer. This synth will not work on some older IPads, tablets and smartphones. Therefore we have converted the midi-files to mp3 files, which will come up as default. If you want to use the synth (for example because you want to playback slower than 50 pct. you can change instrument, and then change back to piano. You can see that the synth is starting by the litle round wheal starting up in the beginning.

The synthesizer uses a lot of ressources that may be not available on older smartphones and tablets.
Playing midi-natively is not a web-standard anymore, therefore we have recorded all our midi-files as mp3 files, if you however change instrument,
You get the soundfont synthesizer. This synthesizer demans more ressources than the slowdowner, and will not work on most IPads.
The synthesizer is used

On a modern smartphone (201&) like Galaxy S7, the synthesizer does work.


Click on FHPlayer for starting the player. The Player works both on
midi files and on mp3-recordings.
(Klicking on FHPlayer again (or clicking the white
cross on red bord) will make the player disapear.) You may move the player
by dragging on the blue ribbon top.

For each button there is an English explanation as popuptext when you hold the
mouse above the button. .

You may also slow down the playback (without changing pitch)

Keyboard shortcut "P"
Toggle between play and pause
(There is sometimes a "bug" which make you having to click twice for starting)

Keyboard "R": Rewind button

Keyboard (+,-, 1)
You may change the speed without changing the pitch. Use plus and minus to increment and reduce by 0.1 Use 1 (one) to set speed to normal.

Keyboard (2,3)
Balance you can togle between first and second harmony (If there are harmonies in the melody

Change the Volmue

For practicing a part of the melody (A/B-function)

Keyboard shortcuts

  • A=Set start Set A
  • B=Set stop point (B)
  • C=Go to start (A)
  • D=Go to (2 seconds before) stop point (B)
  • F = Go beyond B
  • R=(Reset) Play whole tune again
For practiscing it is an advantage to cut the tune in pieces. Set start and stop point, and the melody will loop between the A and B points.

It may be difficult to set the Start and ending right with the fine tuning, you can set the points more exactly Toggle between setting Start (A) and Stop (B) by using the ghe Goto buttons (A=> and =>B)