Harmony settings

There are written harmonies at about 10% of the meldies, if you search for “anden stemme” (this is the default in the first search list) in other searches, you will get only the melodies with second harmony. We have a different synthesizers that can generate different sound based on the midi files.

Just harmonies

We have made a just tuning synthesizer.
What we wanted to achieve is a just tuning and harmonies. Playing a just scale means that you have to use a different scale depending on the key you are playing in. This does not change the feel of the music a lot however. But when you hear the just tuning with first and second harmony, there is a tremendous difference!

No beat frequencies in the harmonies

When cembalo, organ and piano got popular in the start of the 1600’s, the need grew for a new tuning system. A system where you can play in any key. A way to achieve a tempered tuning is to count the beat frequency where the harmonic of the harmonies are meeting. When two harmonies meet a beat  (an amplification and canceling of the sound at a very low and countable freuqency) frequency is generated corresponding to the difference in the two frequency. Johannes Sebastian Bach wrote the suite “Das wohltemperierte klavier” and the tempered tuning won, and has ever since been the standard for western music.

Just tuning is the opposite of “Das wohltemperierte klavier”. For every key you play in you have to tune differently, but you can do it when you play violin. With just tuning there is no beats in the harmonies. The two notes blends perfectly together forming a heavenly sound. Good “barbershop singers” use just tuning naturally. When two fiddles play Scandinavian music together, they should play just!

Most violinist tune their violins justly in perfect pitch, using the absens of beat frequencies when the harmonies meet, in order to tune the instrument with great accuracy.

If you once have really listened to the just harmonies, of this home site, and understood the beauty of playing harmony in perfect intervals, your ability to play in tune will forever be improved!!! Please try it, for your own benefit.

The synthesizer based on a “real” violin note, we have generated first voice and second voice with just one violin tone. We are still expermenting with the synthesizer to get it to sound better. We admit that it does not sound so well since we have based it all on the same tone.

Further explanation

See the difference between a perfect and a tempered fifth

Wikipedia article on just scale