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Polka ( Polka )

There are many ways to dance the polka. The below description is the danish Fynbo (Polka from Funen island)
Takt titelMeasureBeatDescription
Forlæns 11 The Chassé step is a fast shift left-right-left or right-left-rigt.
The couple starts with the outer leg making one chasse and two walking steps forward.
Baglæns 12 Now you go backward one chasse and two walking steps. (And you should make sure that everybody in the dancing circle really are dancing the Fynbo, else you will get a clash here, but that is normally no problem in Denmark, - that is you might get the problem when you get polka dancers from other countries, but they soon find out.)
Rundt 13 You now dance around two turns with four chassé steps
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Polka fynbo

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