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Galop kontra ( Counter Galope )

Lineup 4 pairs in a quadrille
Steps running steps, hop steps, walking steps
Takt titelTourRepititionDescription
Stor Kreds 11 Big circle 16 running steps clockwise followed by 16 running stepos counter clockwise
Galop 12 Pair one and two dance with gallop (fast polka steps) counter clockwise, folloing each other for half a turn, and stops at oposite position, where the girls are placed into the midle back to back. (The boy may now make 8 very small gallop steps while holding the girl. Pair three and four dances gallop around the two couples in the midle and end up setting their girls back to back, so now the four girls are standing back to back in the center.
Løbetrin 13 All boys now danses with 8 running steps clockwise to own place, takes with whaist hold the opposite girl and swings her around making 8 special hop steps:
Jumping down on both feet.
Jumping down on right, while left leg is bent backwards.
This is repeated 4 times.
When the repetition is repeated the boys stays in the middle back to back. The girls runs around to the opposite boy (which is their partner, and now the special hop steps are repeated.
Kæde 14 The parnters gives each other right and and makes a chain, boys go counter clockwise while girls go clockwise in the chanie. When the boy has the oposite girl in right hand, everybody stops and makes three stamps (called appel in Danish) wiht right foot. The chain is repeated ans when you meet your partner you are stamping three times again.
Sving med egen 21 Swing your own partner while dancing clockwise with your parner with walking steps.
Sving med egen 31 SVing med egen danser med solen
Enhånd damem&o 41 One hand girls star clockwise with running steps.
Enhånd herrem& 51 One hand boys star clockwise with running steps.
Tohånds damem& 61 Two hand girls star clockwise with running steps.
tohånds herrem 71 Two hand girls star clockwise with running steps.
Gue venner 81 Girls tight circle with waist hold
Gue venner herrer 91 Boys tight circle with waist hold
Stor kreds 101 All 8 dansers form a tight circle with waist hold. Clockwise
sving egen 111 The dance is ended with swinging your own partner.
(no second, third or fourth repetition)
About the Video
Frøbel 2009

Kristian Bugge, Peter Eget og Christopher Davis Maack plays at the 20th anniversary of Frederiksberg Folkemusikhus at 17th of January 2009
at Frbel teachers school Copenhagen